Family Services


Head Start believes that the family must support and understand the skills and abilities of the child. We also believe that the family and the community must build upon these skills. To achieve this goal, Head Start pro­vides for the involvement of the child's parents and other family members.

Successful parental involvement enters into every part of Head Start, influences other social programs, and helps work toward changing the social conditions that have formed the systems surrounding the economically disadvan­taged child and family.

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Parents meet together for monthly meetings, educational programs and other parent gatherings.  Parent workshops are offered that are based on parent intersets.  Volunteering at Head Start provides the opportunity to gain new skills, enhance skills and may be used as job experiences.grandfather

Parents....  are their child's first teachers.

  • spend more time with their child than our staff.
  • can reinforce what their child learns at school.
  • have a great emotional investment in their child.
  • know his or her child better than anyone else.
  • are important, natural links between teachers, other Head Start staff and the child.
  • are the primary influences of their child's life.
know their community and the aspects of community life, which affect their child.  

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