About Us

The Washington County NB & PW Club, Inc. serves as the administering agency for our Head Start/Georgia Pre-K program, which provides services to children and families at the various centers.  Head Start is a federally funded, comprehensive child development program, serving three and four year old children whose families’ meet federal criteria for eligibility for enrollment, or who have documented special needs.  The Georgia Pre-Kindergarten program is funded by the State of Georgia and serves four-year-old children who meet state criteria for eligibility for enrollment.

Head Start is based on the premise that all children share certain needs, and that children can benefit from a comprehensive developmental program to meet these needs.  Head Start and Georgia Pre-K seek to strengthen the family by involving the parent in the education of their child.

Washington County NB & PW Club, Inc., “Head Start” is a private non-profit organization, which is exempt from federal and state income taxes.  It is not however exempt from state and local sales tax.  Head Start must request funding from the federal government annually.  Once approved, our Head Start program receives over two million dollars to serve 388 children at six locations.

Head Start operates entirely from grants and in-kind contributions and has little or no income earned from sales of products or services.  The federal government requires Head Start to receive 20% of our total funded amount as in-kind.  This non-federal share is volunteer time or donations from third parties (i.e., parents, relatives of enrolled children, and the community).

Therefore, contributions from parents, in the form of volunteering, are extremely important to Head Start.